CBBC Developing a Global Mindset – UK Focus

On July 12, 2018, our Founding Associate Dr Shi Bisset facilitated a half-day public workshop at the British Centre in Shanghai for the China-Britain Business Council. The workshop focused on how to successfully interact with British colleagues, partners and customers and was attended by a number of professionals from diverse backgrounds and different Chinese companies and institutions.

Adapted from SB&A Global Mindset Development framework, this event was extremely interactive and answered the many questions that the participants had with regards to dealing with UK-based customers and counterparts with a British cultural background. Participants learnt how to identify different communication styles and how to adapt to the diverse behaviours they may encounter when working with their counterparts, not only in the UK but also Europe and America.

Thanks to a blend of different activities, group discussions and opportunities for sharing, participants had an opportunity to enhance their understanding of the importance of having a Global mindset in today’s business environment, and how to overcome the language and cultural barriers that many professionals face on a daily basis.

If you wish to know more about SB&A Global Mindset programmes, contact us at info@shibisset.com or keep an eye on our News section to always be up to date with SB&A’s ongoing and upcoming engagements.

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