Defining Needs

Following the method of the Action-Research Process, an organisation must first become aware of problems as yet unidentified through a process of diagnosis. This helps clients have a clear understanding of their organisation’s strengths and challenges, so that they can begin focusing on where changes need to be made.

We do this through:

  • Talent Audits such as the HRChally or the HFM Talent Competency Profiler (both available in several languages). These help you to:
    • Compare groups for an objective overview
    • Plan organisational objectives based on people data
    • Form targeted teams based on actual insights
    • Organisation-wide insight into development and succession-planning
  • Organisational Health Audits: Using innovative and research-validated diagnostic tools that allow organisations to make better decisions with regards to their Organizational & Human Development strategies.

Our findings may also lead to our helping you to:

  • Develop a Career Matrix which would include:
    • Roles & Responsibility Analysis
    • Developing & Implementing Career Conversations.
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Planning in Change Management
  • Matching Business & Organisational Performance Needs*


Case Study: Matching Business & Organisational Performance Needs

We received an RFP from a major multinational manufacturer of infant formula with the request to develop a customized leadership curriculum for their middle managers.

The specific request was as below:

  • The leadership development curriculum must be designed and implemented to promote sustainable talent growth within the company: this should be the natural next step up from the internally developed and implemented programme for first-line managers. This new curriculum should also leverage on different learning approaches, like use of assessments, action learning, and case studies and so on.
  • The leadership development curriculum should cover and focus on the following core behaviours:
    • Drive Performance with Focus
    •  Communicate with Clarity
    • Innovate & Improve
    • Develop & Engage
    • The tools and content of the leadership development curriculum  must enable the participant to practically improve their ability to deal more effectively with the industry business challenges in all departments.
One on one interview with Leadership Team to clarify business challenges and leadership gaps in middle managers.
  • Pre-design questions with project leader
  • Telephone interview logistics arranged by Project Team
  • Communication e-mail & questions sent to Leadership team members prior to call 30-45 minute call over 2 days
  • Aggregate Report of Findings to Project Leader
Focus group discussions with first line and middle managers separately to define leadership gaps.
  • Pre-design discussion points/questions based on Aggregate Report findings (above)
  • Facilitate  knowledge transfer with Project team on desired outcomes of discussions
  • Provide template for aggregate required
Discussion regarding Design

2 x 1 hour meetings with Project Leader regarding desired Design