OD Practitioner

O.D. Practitioner Fundamentals Certification

Our certification differs from most OD certifications in providing both conceptual and experiential approaches to your understanding of O.D. and ability to actively practice this in your work.

The approach we use in this context focuses on the development of interpersonal skills. You will be provided with the conceptual framework necessary for understanding the relevant issues in OD. In addition, you will actively participate in activities that require the application of what you cover in each workshop to specific organizational situations.

This approach is aimed at developing the critical interpersonal skills needed to manage in a changing world. In other words, you will learn by doing.

Benefits of this certification (all modules to be attended in sequence):

  • Understand your role leading change and improving individual, team or organizational-wide performance.
  • Identify principles for guiding, implementing and evaluating change effectively.
  • Gain valuable and practical experience that can be applied immediately in your organization.
  • Learn through SB&A real client cases
  • Network with other OD professionals.
  • Enhance your professional growth and gain new opportunities in the field.

The OD Practitioner Fundamentals Certification Modules:

History of O.D. & New Developments

O.D. Action Research Model

O.D. Practitioner as Facilitator

Understanding past and current Change models

Types of O.D. Interventions

Organization Transformation and Strategic change

Role, skills, values, and ethics of the O.D. practitioner

H.R. as a Strategic Partner

Prepared O.D. facilitation on an intervention


Each Module includes a pre-work and an interim assignment.

Participants successfully completing the entire program will receive an official certificate from the Shi Bisset & Associates Group.

In addition, certified practitioners will be entitled to 20 tokens to be used towards the SB&A Assessment platform. These tokens allow for access to more than 40 assessments ranging from influencing skills, conflict management style, to personality inventories and 360 degree feedback tools. These assessments can be used by the certified practitioner or his/her clients.

Knowledge Transfer