The Gem Leadership Suite

The Gem Leadership Development Modules

Developed and refined over more than 30 years of operating in Organisational Development, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, the SB&A Gems Suite covers everything that today’s Organisational Leaders at any level of seniority may need.

Based on the principle of interchangeable modules and assessments to fit your company’s specific needs, each module is customizable to ensure that it is the best fit for your people development needs.

The biggest challenge for our clients is the sustainability and long-term effectiveness of L&D interventions.  Digital Learning is one of the many solutions SB&A can provide to face this challenge.

Our Mobile APP platform provides pre-work readings and exercises, as well as interim assignments and post-module follow-up activities for implementation tracking and sustainability initiatives. Everything is customised to the audience, in real-time, and constantly shared with the Sponsor of the initiative.

Virtual Interim Group Coaching is recommended for the longer-running Opal™ and Emerald™ Programmes.

From Jade™ to Opal™ and Tourmaline™, to Strategic Thinking and Executive Coaching, a full-range suite of solutions for your specific business needs.



Jade™: First-Line and Middle Management Programme

This is where a Leadership Journey begins with SB&A: front-line and mid-level managers have the biggest impact on an organisation.

A survey by Progressive Business Publications shows that only 52% of companies trained their managers once a year or less. This lack of training is reflected in the Conference Board Report which found that less than 1/3 of all supervisors or managers were perceived to be strong leaders – which means that over 2/3 of them are perceived as being weak leaders. Author Marcus Buckingham (First, Break All the Rules) asserts that “people leave managers, not companies.”

In developing this programme, we have considered today’s new managers and their needs:

  • The Millennial – wants their work to be meaningful and needs to know how it fits into the big picture
  • Generation X – Adaptable and flexible
  • The Technical Expert – Coming from an Independent Contributor, expert background

This programme is available in the form of two full training days or four half-day sessions.


Pre-Programme Assessments
360 Degree Assessments (multi-rater) What It Assesses
Discover your Inner JADE™:
  • Managing Stress
  • Solving Problems Creatively
  • Communicating Supportively
  • Influencing Others
  • Motivating Others
  • Managing Conflict
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader 360 Survey:
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Social Skill
  • Empathy
  • Motivation
Change Readliness Assessment
  • Will
  • Commitment
  • Ability to Manage Change
Other Surveys/Assessments preferred by Clients:
(e.g. Hogan MVPI, Belbin, Voices 360◦,
GlobeSmart, Hogan Personality Inventory etc.)
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self- Regulation
  • Social Skills
  • Empathy
  • Motivation
  • Cross-Cultural Agility
  • Interaction Styles Assessment
  • Influencing Skills Assessment
  • SB&A Personality Inventory (Based on MBTI)
  • What`s My Coaching Style Assessment
  • Communication Styles Assessment
Category Modules
Personal Effectiveness
  • Transitioning into being people leaders
  • Self-Awareness of your Personal Brand, Vision, Interpersonal and Influencing Styles
  • Active Listening & Effective Communication
Business Management Skills
  • Connecting to the organisational strategy and communicating this to your teams
  • Implementing the strategy and operating “nimbly” in a VUCA world
  • Project Management & Contingency Planning
People Management Skills
  • Team-based problem-solving-getting your team to think for themselves and be accountable
  • Team-building in a matrix creating a vision for your team be more productive and proactive
  • Setting clear expectations and giving timely feedback
  • Having difficult conversations


OPAL™: Transitioning to Leadership

The Path to True Leadership is a never-ending journey. What is sure is that, after the first step, you need to take a second one. This is why we have created the Opal™ Leadership Modules.

This programme would be best suited for supporting and enhancing leadership mindset in high performing middle managers and is available in the form of nine full training days spread over a year or selected half or full day sessions.


360 Discovery Assessments (multi-rater) What is Assesses
Discovery Your Inner Opal 360
  • Ability to Bring About Change
  • Analytical & Strategic Competence
  • Cross Functional Competence
  • Empowering People
  • Building Relationships
  • Market & Customer Orientation
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Social Skills
  • Emphaty
  • Motivation
Change Readliness Assessment
  • Will
  • Commitment
  • Ability to Manage Change
Other Surveys/ Assessments preferred by Clients: (e.g. Hogan MVPI, Belbin, Voices 360◦, Hogan Personality Inventory etc.)
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Social Skills
  • Emphaty
  • Motivation
  • Cross-Cultural Agility
  • Interaction Styles Assessment
  • Influencing Skills Assessment
  • What`s My Coaching Style Assessment
  • Work Engagement Profile
  • Change Readliness Assessment
  • Learning Agility Assessment
  • HRChally Position Profile
Category Modules
Looking Inside: Our Selves
  • Undestanding our Assessments
  • Self-Awareness Action Plan
Authentic & Charismatic Leadership
  • My Leadership Journey
  • Learning to Lead through Horses
  • Emotional Intelligence in Authentic Leaders
  • Mountains & Valleys: My Core Values
  • The Power of Story-Telling: My Personal Leadership Vision
  • Perseverance, Resiliency & Mindfulness
  • Leadership Derailers
Looking Inside: Our Vision
  • Linking to leadership behaviors and corporate values in our organization
  • Understanding Mega-Trends in our Business Environment
  • Building the Difference in our Functions/ Business
Managerial Moments
  • Process plus People Continuum
  • Engaging People with the Communication Cycle
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Purpose to Impact Planning
Raising the Bar on Performance
  • Performance Culture in our Organisation
  • Engaging People at all Levels
  • Behaviours vs. Intentions
  • Best Practices on Managing & Accross
  • Delegation and Situational Leadership
  • Performance Management: Setting Clear Expectations
Coaching through Appreciation
  • Understanding the Appreciative Coaching Model
  • Discovery, Dream, Design & Destiny Activity
  • Application: Begin by Noticing
  • Tool: Pathways of Constructive Futures
  • Reflection & Pivoting: Advanced Tool
  • Advanced Engagement Questions
Developing Business Acumen
  • Business Simulation: Better Business Today
  • Strategic Tool: Using the 5 Whys
  • Strategic Tool: Mapping Needs & Stakeholder Alignment
  • Cost Leadership, Differentiation & Measuring Success
Managing Change in VUCA World
  • Dynamics of Change, VUCA and VUCA Prime
  • Organisational Change & Uncertainty
  • Understanding Personal Change through ADKAR™
  • Managing the Process: Key Change Roles & Future/Current State Analysis
  • Building the Case for Change
  • The Impact of Change; Stakeholder Analysis & Resistance
  • Leading Others through Change
VUCA Leadership: Developing Learning Agility
  • Developing Learning Agility
  • Defensiveness & Immunity Mapping Activity
  • Enterprise Agility as a Key Factor
  • Key Elements of an Effective Learning Agility Strategy
Developing a Global Mindset
  • Your Cultural Dimensions vs. Others
  • Communication Across Cultures
  • Leveraging the Power of Diversity
  • Global Teams: Functions, Advantages & Drawbacks
  • Teams Collaborating in a Virtual World


EMERALD™: C-Suite Leadership

Learning and Personal Development does not end once reached a Leadership position. SB&A has the tools to help your organisation’s Leaders to continue their Leadership Journey and to enable them to develop themselves and their people, making a real and meaningful impact.

This programme would be best suited for senior leaders with significant regional and global responsibilities in large Multi-Nationals. It is available in the form of three to five full training days.

360 Degree Assessment (multi-rater) What It Assesses
Discovery Your Inner Emerald 360
  • Leadership Effectiveness Dimensions OR
  • Customised according to Client Leadership Comperencies
Organisational Change Readliness Assessment
  • Ability to Communicate Change
  • Change Sponsorship and Buy In
  • Change Readiness
  • Ability to Cascade Change
  • Learning Agility Assessment
  • HRChally Position Profile
Category Modules
Understanding Yourself & The IDEA Group
  • Ice Breaker: Leadership groundwork
  • Understanding your Report & the SBAPI Report
  • Individual Development Plan with KPIs
  • Feedforward™ Activity on Individual Development
  • Assembling into IDEA teams to share primary goals. (IDEA = Innovation, Development, Enthusiasm and Application ) – building your teams.
  • Self-Awareness Johari Window Activity & Values
  • IDEA teams work on understanding the relevance of Self Awareness & Self-Management in their current roles
Conversational Leadership
  • Your Impact on Others
  • Storytelling: Making the Complex Simple
  • Activity: Purposeful Conversations & Requests
  • Handling Questions with Composure
  • Building Powerful Team Trust & People Agility
Enterprise-wide Thinking and Collaboration
  • IDEA Team: Defining our Collaboration Strategy to Benefit the Bottom Line
  • Activity: Managing Conflict in Collaboration
  • Collaboration Tools & Techniques
  • Activity: Alignment for Success Metrics
  • Facilitating & Maintaining a Collaborative Environment
Generating Innovative Solutions and Searching for Creativity with FISH®
  • IDEA Team: Importance of Creativity & Innovation for leaders
  • FISH® for Leaders: Changing Yourself to Have a Bigger Impact
  • Leveraging the Power of Creative Leadership
  • Using GRASP the tool
  • Activity: New Ways of Building Reputation & Promoting Social Responsibility
Change Savvi Leadership
  • The Power of Ready-Fire- Aim
  • Activity: 6 Secrets of Change & the Learning Exchange
  • Using Vulnerability to Build Capacity in People
  • Activity: Turning Resistance Around with Trust & Modeling Possibility
  • Helping all Systems to Go
Making Others Powerful
  • Activity: Shifting from Downward to Upward Spirals
  • Activity: Enroll Each Voice in Your Vision Giving People a Possibility to Look Into & Looking for Shining Eyes
Results-Producing Leadership
  • IDEA Team: What’s our Environment of Success?
  • Activity: The Employee Performance Continuum Tool
  • Activity: High Performance Conversations
  • Goal Breakdown into Specific Actions
  • Mutual Accountability
Engaging & Managing Talent
  • IDEA Team: How does Engagement Start with Us at the Top?
  • Multiplier Effect Activity: Where Involvement of Senior Leaders is the Key
  • How Strategy, Culture & Top Team Connect
  • 5 Principle Steps towards Succession Planning
  • Activity: Succession Planning Management Action Plan
  • Making Mentoring Work
A Customer-Driven Environment
  • Customer driven environment & Boston voting technique
  • Customer Matrix & Interview Guide
  • Get the maximum amount from your customer visits: Qualitative and quantitative observations & Interviewing techniques.
  • Activity: ‘Image Diagrams’
  • Activity: Defining requirements and creating a Requirements Diagram.
  • Meaning of the word “risk” in decision-making
  • Risk-taking scenarios & discussion
  • Evaluating high, mid and low level risks
Strategic Leadership Tools & Planning
  • Strategy mapping: How to visualise strategy and share it
  • Identifying strategic competencies: clarify your key abilities to identify your existing and emerging competencies
  • Assessing your organisation portfolio: use the Boston matrix to establish the relative impact of your programmes
  • Using the the Ansoff matrix to identify which direction you should adopt – Activity
  • Creating strategic drivers: How to use PEST and SWOT to generate strategic drivers to frame concerns
  • Developing a clear vocabulary for discussing strategy
  • Entry and exit strategies: explore how to frame decisions to enter or exit from activities using Michael Porter`s 5 Forces approach
  • Learning approaches Activity
Business Simulation for Business Acument
  • Manufacturing- based simulation, where participants will be taken out of their “comfort zone”, and make purchasing, sales & hiring decisions against the clock. IDEA teams make decisions from a selection of options for a real life company that has profit drivers & inhibitors.


TOURMALINE™: Global Leadership Mindset Programmes

The most recent addition to our Leadership Modular Programmes, the Developing a Global Leadership Mindset Programme is designed to match the actual needs of Leaders in Global positions.

Cross-cultural training is important but do not really develop real Leaders that are capable of making an impact on a Global Scale. The content of this Programme is fully customizable and can cater to any managerial level.

Single-rater Assessment What It Assesses
SB&A Global Mindset Profile
  • Compares individual scores against other cultural norms (up to 8)
  • Cognitive, relational, and behavioral differences along the eight dimensions where cultural gaps are most common
Category Modules
Global Business Etiquette
  • Benefits of Etiquette to Global Leaders
Developing Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural filters and the Iceberg Analogy of Culture
  • What is a Global Mindset?
Cultural Dimensions and Culture Mapping
  • Strategies for Cross-cultural Management
  • Understanding Cultural Dimensions: The Lewis Model and its applications in the workplace
  • Understanding your global Mindset Profile and how to develop Global Dexterity
Zeroing in on Communication
  • Communication Styles on a Global Scale
  • Direct VS Indirect Communication
Negotiating in the Global Arena
  • Understanding Negotiation Patterns
  • Activity: Culturally sensitive negotiation strategies
Diverse Beliefs & Values
  • Activity: Leveraging the Power of Critical Opposites
  • Exploring your Core Values and how to link there to your Team and Corporate values for a better Global strategy
Globally Effective Leadership and Collaborative Communication
  • Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership
  • Global teams: Functions, Advantages & Drawbacks
  • Activity: Virtual Teams and Collaborative Communication