Obsession #4 – How are we making 70/20/10 really sustainable?



We have been bombarded with requests for leadership programmes that we are designing to include more and more of about 70/20/10. We have complied and added this creatively to our experiential learning modules.

The other day, whilst talking to a long-term client who was also exploring this as a replacement for the majority of their face-to-face learning events, I found myself wondering whether this was going to be another tick-the-box 2-year wonder.

A typical programme – one we have designed under heavy client customisation – includes this as a 1.5 hour module for both Advanced Leaders and First Line Managers. HR (in all the countries we are rolling this 2-day programme series out for) does a great job of checking within a week or two on whether the participants have shared their 70/20/10 development plan with their line managers. They usually all have (or are about to do so).

This is where we go back to our usual concern. With great respect to these line managers/middle managers/functional leaders who are busy and very results-oriented – how much of the 70/20 are they actually enabling?

According to the In-Focus report from Towards Maturity “70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind the Numbers,” companies that embrace this model are:
1) Twice as likely to analyse problems before designing a solution. Unfortunately not in our experience. Global mandates and regional follows the global path, regardless of the regional/local issues.
2) Four times more likely to engage directly with managers. Possibly, but this is definitely not a one-stop, post-event engagement. How is this sustained? I would love to have your comments on success rates and actual measurement if you don’t have an LMS?
3) Eight times more likely to encourage staff to collaborate online to solve their own problems. How are staff encouraged if, again, online systems are not widely used?
4) Three times more likely to get end users involved in designing solutions

The report also said that even companies that don’t realise they’re using it witness its positive results. 

Again, your suggestions/comments. please. 

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