Obsession #5 – Taking the 70/20/10 Further – Mobile Learning

Traditionally, our clients face issues with sustainability and long-term effectiveness of People Development Interventions put in place in their organisations. Studies have shown that bite-size learning and mobile learning have become an excellent way to ensure that the learning experience is not limited to the time during and immediately following the 10% event or intervention. As per the 70/20/10 model, interventions account for 10% of employee professional development and as a consequence the 70% of professional development, unfortunately, goes largely untouched. Through the use of a mobile app, change sponsors are able to ensure that the learning continues and that professional development is carried out through all of the optimal sources of learning for successful managers. More importantly, we help busy HR functions to track this.  SB&A’s Mobile Learning APP will allow you to finally integrate and expand any Learning Experience, improve engagement, enhance skills to perform, and make learning more accessible and easier to apply on-the-job through discipline-specific applications. The other plus, of course, is that our app is available in Putonghua.

There is a fantastic article on the subject linked below:

Insights from Mark Blitz

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