Obsession #7 – Leadership Development in Asia – Continued

Here we are again with our current obsession: Leadership Development in Asia. Why is it that we keep imposing Western Leadership models on Asian participants?

One of the main reasons for this, especially for most US American and European multinational organisations, is the standardisation of processes and approaches, translating into a plain transfer of L&D methodologies from West to East, with little to zero adaptation.

The impact of this approach is, more often than not, detrimental to the basic reasons organisations run L&D initiatives, with a negative impact on People Development and the overall Employee Experience within the organisation. when this happens, organisations tend to experience little engagement in L&D ini9tiatives, higher attrition rates and a lower effectiveness of Leadership teams.

The above reasons are why Dr Shi Bisset has been actively researching and working on finding ways to overcome this diffused problem.

Among the various ways SB&A tackles the increasing challenges of developing Asian managers into globally recognised and effective Leaders are localisation and customisation.
The first step our experienced design team always takes is to make sure that every solution is carefully attuned to the organisational culture as well as addressing the needs of the audience. The following steps bring SB&A solutions even deeper to the root of the problem, as we focus on making sure that not only is the delivery “localised”, but that the material and content used are meticulously tailored to match the specific challenges our clients face.

Ultimately, SB&A’s obsession is to develop true Global Leaders, really capable of making an impact on a global scale, thanks to a new and reviewed set of Leadership skills that combine aspects of Western and Asian cultural expectations and preferred Leadership styles and skills.

But the quest for the development of globally effective Asian Leaders has just started!

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