SB&A at the Forum for Expat Management

On September 6, Dr. Shi Bisset facilitated a workshop for the Shanghai Chapter of the Forum for Expat Management.

Focus of the workshop, how can HR practitioners support their organisations to develop a Global Mindset.

The audience, mainly composed by HR and Global Mobility professionals, was highly engaged and very interested in the topics covered and the tools we had the opportunity to introduce.

During the workshop, participants explored and discussed why cross-cultural trainings are not enough any longer to create leaders who are effective on a global scale.

In fact, organisations need to develop their Leaders to address a complex and constantly changing business environment, to be learning agile and able to analyse the world around them, going beyond the organisational or industry dimension.

Among the tools presented, we decided to focus on the Global Mindset Profile self-assessment we had designed following many requests from our clients during the last year. This tool aims at developing self-awareness of one’s communication and managerial tendencies, through comparing different cultures and personal preferences over 8 Cultural Dimensions.

To successfully support their organisations, HR practitioners need to develop a deep understanding of their leaders’ business and personal needs, and to be then able to address these needs in order to provide them with the tools required to be effective global leaders.

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