SB&A – Developing Business Acumen in Manila

The SB&A Team last week flew to the Philippines to facilitate a workshop for Zuellig Pharma in Manila. The workshop, focusing on Business Acumen development, was designed by Dr Shi Bisset and combines a Business Simulation and a Strategic Thinking session. 

The “Business Acumen Today” Simulation is a board-based, highly engaging Business Simulation that is designed to develop Business Acumen, Strategic Decision-Making and Problem Solving around business issues.
Teams came into an existing and operating distribution business; it is not a startup simulation. Each participant is given a role (CEO, CFO, etc) which is different from the one they occupy in real life, thereby allowing them to understand the whole business, not just their own part of it.
Every round the teams must compete for customers, source products and manage their finances. After each business cycle, SB&A Facilitators run a debrief to look at how the respective businesses performed and how the participants can apply those learnings in the workplace.

The Business Simulation is followed by an Experiential learning session designed to consolidate the learnings from the Business Simulation and to provide the participants with strategic, practical tools to apply what they learnt when back to their daily job.

This programme, as the vast majority of SB&A Solutions, is fully customised to meet the specific needs of any organisation and audience.

If you wish to know more about SB&A Business Simulations or SB&A Solutions for Business Acumen and Strategic Thinking, do not hesitate to contact us at or call 0086 021 5449 0579.


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