Obsession #1 – Millennials at work

A fantastic talk by Simon Sinek. I have millennials I work with – most of whom do not resemble the people Simon is talking about. They have deep values and care a lot about what they do, how they do it and they do care for their colleagues. We have fun and they know they make an impact. BUT, I do see what Simon is describing around me.

Corporations need to take time to build their millennials by appealing to their sense of meaning and need for values. Two thirds of my associates are millennials and hate being pigeon-holed as such. They are very different from each other and I totally agree that they love being challenged and coached – and loved and nurtured.

They are, by no means, lazy but need to be given frequent feedback on a very timely basis. I would like to add that they keep this baby-boomer on her toes but teaching me new things every day! One of the plusses of having millennials in the work-force!